Provide the youth with the best opportunities and environment for higher education and research in engineering and technology to help them attain high levels of academic excellence and scientific temper, technical and professional competencies and life-skills.

Train and develop youth as total persons who'd also be endowed with divine power and compassion to serve humanity, to alleviate their sufferings through prayer, counseling and good works.

Inculcate in students values and make them appreciate the need for high ethical standards in personal, social and public life in order to enable them to reach higher levels, to become leaders, to be a voice in order to influence society and nation with a view, to uphold and promote a just social order.


The mission of the school of science and humanities is to provide holistic development in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitude by extending personal care, spiritual nourishment, professional teaching and stimulating a thirst for research so as to raise spiritually matured, ethically strong and academically excellent graduates, post-graduates and teachers.

Inculcate in students values and make them appreciate the need for high ethical standards in personal, social and public life in order to enable them to reach higher levels.

“She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt
and made herself on the way. When she reached the first hills
of the Italic Mountains, she had a last view back on the
skyline of her hometown Bookmarksgrove ” — Jean Smith

About the Department

The Science and Humanities department was started in 2009. Since then, the Department attained multi-directional growth, both in terms of its faculty and facilities. Good infrastructural facilities and a well focused administrative structure strongly support a systematic work environment and salubrious study climate.

Assistant Professor

Mrs. S. Jamuna M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. S. P. Surekha M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. B. Suguna M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. G. Jaya Sheela M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. M.Selva Geetha M.Sc, MPhil
Ms.R.V.Revathi M.Sc,MPhil
Mrs.M.Sangeetha M.Sc,MPhil
Mrs.V.Adlin Asha M.Sc, MPhil
Mr. C. George Braveen Singh M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. P. Jeya Violet M.Sc, MPhil
Ms. R. B.Jegatha M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. S.Prabeena M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. A. Arockia Suganya M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs. J. Jude Brillin M.Sc, MPhil
Mr.C.Clament Christanson M.A, M.Phil
Mr. S. Punithakumar M.Sc, MPhil
Mr.S.N. Subash M.Sc, MPhil
Mrs.S.Vijaya Prabavathi M.A, M.Phil Mrs.S.Mary Ahila M.Sc, MPhil

Lab Assistant

Mr. Dharmaraj B.Sc
Miss. X. Aishwarya B.Sc

Department Head






M.Sc. M.Phil.,


11 years

Department Specialities

We have one of the finest computer centres at the college. The three computer labs have a total of more than 600 latest computers. It is open with qualified staff even after the college hours. We also have Wifi facilities all over the college with high bandwidth.

Contact us

Head of Department
DMI Engineering College,
Kumarapuram Road,
Kanyakumari District-629301.





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